Making Anne Arundel Medical Center a Part of Your Legacy

When you look at your life, and what is important to you, do you consider what your legacy will be?  How will you be remembered?  What is important to you?  Your legacy is as unique as you.  

At Anne Arundel Medical Center, we are proud of our history, and the legacy of those who have been an integral part of making us who we are today.  In 1902, a group of determined women decided that Annapolis needed a hospital.  Their hard work and vision became a reality as the Annapolis Emergency Hospital was opened and began providing care to the community out of a small cottage.  Today, AAMC continues to provide excellent care at our 100-acre Annapolis campus, as well as locations throughout the region. For those who make gifts to support AAMC, both outright and planned, you are a part of this legacy – your impact on the world, on your community, will be felt for generations to come. 

You leave a lasting legacy when you give to AAMC through a planned gift.  Planned gifts can take many forms such as:

  • Including AAMC in your will with a bequest
  • Establishing a charitable gift annuity to benefit you and/or a loved one
  • Naming AAMC as a beneficiary in your life insurance or retirement plan
  • Providing a gift of securities from your stock portfolio 

Planning for your future and your family’s future is crucial. That is why the AAMC Foundation provides access to local estate and financial planning professionals and offers free estate planning workshops.  Your family is an important part of your legacy. For some, philanthropy is also a part of that legacy.  Those who give planned gifts to AAMC are truly visionaries who invest in the future of healthcare here in this community. 

AAMC is committed to its mission of enhancing the health of the people we serve in everything we do.   We simply could not accomplish this without the generous philanthropic support of those who make gifts to our hospital.  Gifts of all different types – and sizes – make a difference in our ability to continue to serve the needs of patients and families. 

Consider a planned gift to Anne  Arundel Medical Center, and make a true impact on your community.  

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